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Unlocking the Potential of Green Hydrogen in MENA
A global and regional over with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
Oman Solar investment opportunities
Solar Outlook Report 2024
14 MENA Solar Markets Covered
MESIA Solar Outlook Report: Special Edition
With COP28 being held in the United Arab Emirates, MESIA has released an exclusive edition of the MESIA Solar Outlook Report that unveils unparalleled insights, trends, and forecasts that will shape the solar landscape. From groundbreaking technologies to strategic market analyses, discover the key drivers propelling solar innovation forward.
Solar Outlook Report 2023
Amid energy crises, COP27's breakthrough on climate support, and the rise of green hydrogen and electric vehicles, the Middle East's solar industry shines. With cooling innovations and solar energy leading, the region heads toward becoming a global hub. Explore these insights and more in the 10th edition of the MESIA Solar Outlook Report.
Connection Conditions for Generators of Electricity from Solar Energy
Forging a sustainable energy path: comprehensive connection conditions and compliance guidelines for solar energy generators in the emirate of Dubai, aligned with Executive Council resolution no. 46 of 2014
Experts Feature: The Future of Solar
Explore the limitless potential of solar energy in our groundbreaking report, 'Experts Feature: The Future of Solar.' Delve into the insights of industry experts as they envision a world powered by the sun. Uncover the latest advancements, trends, and innovations shaping the future of renewable energy. Join us on a journey towards a brighter, sustainable tomorrow. Download now to be at the forefront of the solar revolution.
1+X Modular Inverter: Leading the Next Generation PV Plant Development
Discover the future of solar energy with Sungrow's revolutionary 1+X modular inverter solution. This innovative technology combines the best of central and string inverters, offering unmatched flexibility in PV power plant design. Join us in shaping the future of sustainable energy.
Mid-Year Solar Review 2022
Explore the dynamic landscape of solar energy adoption in the MENA region through MESIA's Mid-Year Solar Review 2022. Gain insights into market growth, technology trends, and global challenges affecting the solar industry. Dive into topics like energy storage, green hydrogen, PV technology, climate policy, and emerging markets like Mauretania and Saudi Arabia. Join industry experts in envisioning the future of solar energy.
Solar Outlook Report 2022
2021 challenged the renewable energy sector, but as we move into 2022, optimism reigns. Despite hurdles like solar price fluctuations and supply chain issues, global solar capacity is set to surge by nearly 1000GW by 2025, with solar-storage projects growing 30% in the next five years. The MENA region is embracing renewables, with $2.8 billion awarded for green projects in H1 2021. Expect exponential solar, storage, and green hydrogen growth, signaling a new energy era.
NES Fircroft's Energy Transition Outlook Report 2021
NES Fircroft is your partner in securing skilled engineers and technical talent for the future of energy solutions. We lead the way in guiding traditional and emerging clients toward net-zero emissions energy operations. As the energy sector transforms, we ensure access to talent with the right skills. In collaboration with Energy Jobline, our inaugural Energy Transition Survey explores worker readiness, sector preferences, and challenges in transitioning to clean energy, providing employers valuable insights to navigate this evolving landscape.
Mid Year Solar Report 2021
Anticipated global PV (Photovoltaic) additions by the end of 2021 range from 160 to 209 GW, as reported by BloombergNEF. Projections suggest continued growth, reaching between 160 and 240 GW by 2023. The solar market gained momentum in 2021, following project delays in the previous year. Supply chain challenges in glass and polysilicon observed in early 2021 are diminishing, with new PV capacities set to meet rising demand. The MENA region is set to welcome numerous mega-scale solar projects, including REPDO initiatives in KSA, MBR Solar Park in the UAE, Komb Ombo in Egypt, Al-Kharsaah in Qatar, Ibri II in Oman, and more. With the region's track record of breaking solar industry records, it's poised for a remarkable future.