Day 9 COP28 :8/12/2023

As the ninth day of COP28 unfolds, it brings forth key developments and discussions that hold significant implications for global climate initiatives. Here's an in-depth look at the day's highlights:

  • 1- The Latest COP28 Draft Text on Fossil Fuel Phase-out Options: The U.N. climate agency recently unveiled an updated draft of the COP28 agreement, featuring an array of options concerning the future of fossil fuel utilization. This contentious issue takes center stage at the summit, with countries set to engage in focused deliberations in the coming days. The ultimate goal is to reach a consensus before the scheduled conclusion of the summit on December 12. Read more

  • 2- US-UAE Climate-Friendly Farming Initiative Grows to $17 Billion: The collaborative effort between the United States and the United Arab Emirates to propel climate-friendly farming practices worldwide has garnered increased financial support, surpassing $17 billion. Launched as the Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM for Climate) in 2021 during COP26 in Glasgow, this initiative draws funding from governments, companies, and non-governmental organizations. Read more

  • 3- COP28 Leader Urges Nations to Step Out of Comfort Zones: COP28 President Sultan al-Jaber delivered a crucial message, urging countries to transcend their comfort zones and collaboratively work towards a comprehensive agreement on a new global pact to combat climate change. The summit remains at an impasse on the critical issue of fossil fuels, with over 80 countries advocating for an eventual end to their usage. Read more
  • 4- Azerbaijan Likely to Host COP29 Climate Talks, Supported by Russia: In a noteworthy turn of events, Azerbaijan emerges as a potential host for the U.N. climate summit in 2023. This decision follows a late-stage agreement with Armenia, resolving a complex situation where the choice of the next host faced geopolitical intricacies. The deadlock arose as Russia asserted its intention to veto any European Union country's bid, citing EU sanctions related to the Ukraine conflict. Read more


Stay tuned for further updates as COP28 unfolds, shaping the future landscape of global climate actions. 💚🌐