DAY 1 COP 28: 30/11/2023

cop 28

The conclusion of the first day at COP28 marks a historic milestone, with an overwhelming 500,000 participants expressing interest, including 97,000 in the blue zone and 400,000 in the green zone. Distinguished attendees comprise ministers, NGO representatives, and global leaders, with over 180 heads of state and government actively participating.

Key achievements from today's deliberations include:

Formal Approval of "Loss and Damage" Fund:

Nations have formally endorsed the launch of a "loss and damage" fund, a significant step in compensating climate-vulnerable countries. After a year of rigorous negotiations, this approval reflects a collective commitment to address the impacts of climate change.

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Generous Pledges from Germany and the United Arab Emirates:

In an unexpected move, Germany and the United Arab Emirates have pledged a remarkable $200 million (approximately €183 million) to compensate for climate damage in particularly vulnerable countries. This commitment underscores the global solidarity in addressing the urgent needs of nations grappling with climate-related challenges.

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As we reflect on these accomplishments, it is clear that COP28 is not only a forum for discussion but a catalyst for tangible, impactful change. Stay tuned for more updates as we collectively strive for a sustainable and resilient future. 🌍✨ #COP28 #ClimateAction #UniteActDeliver