Day 6 COP28 : 5/12/2023

On the 6th of December, COP28 witnessed a pivotal shift towards discussions on energy and fossil fuels,  Here are the day's highlights:


1- Over 60 countries pledge to slash cooling emissions amid rising temperatures:

  • Over 60 nations pledged to a groundbreaking 'cooling pledge,' committing to diminish the climate impact of the cooling sector. This pledge not only addresses rising temperatures but also aims for universal access to life-saving cooling, alleviating energy grid pressure, and potentially saving trillions of dollars by 2050. Read more

2- Hydrogen Cooperation Takes Center Stage:

  • A Hydrogen Declaration of Intent, endorsed by 39 countries during the High-Level Roundtable on Hydrogen, signals a collective pursuit of mutual recognition of hydrogen certification schemes. This emphasizes a global commitment to advancing hydrogen technologies. Read more


3-Masdar signs Agreements for 1GW Wind and potential Green Hydrogen Plant in Jordan:

  • Masdar, the UAE's clean energy leader, penned agreements with the Jordanian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. These agreements encompass the development of a 1 gigawatt (GW) wind project with a battery energy storage system (BESS) and a potential green hydrogen plant. Read more


4- ACG Allocates $10 Billion for Energy Transition:

  • The Arab Coordination Group (ACG) pledged an allocation of US$10 billion until 2030, supporting a comprehensive transition to renewable energy in developing countries. This commitment aligns with a strategic plan designed to expedite the global shift towards clean energy sources. Read more


5- Activists Rally Against Fossil Fuels:

  • Activists at COP28 protested the presence of the oil, gas, and coal industry, advocating for an end to fossil fuel usage due to its significant role in climate change. Read more

6- Saudi Fund for Development Boosts Rogun Hydropower Project:

  • The Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) committed $100 million USD to fund the Rogun Hydropower Project in Tajikistan. This initiative aims to meet local electricity demand, expand regional energy production, and enhance irrigation capabilities. Read more


7- Libya's NOC Targets Zero Gas Flaring by 2030:

  • Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC) presented ambitious goals, aiming for close to zero gas flaring by 2030 and an 83% reduction in gas flaring during a press conference at the COP28 summit. Read more

These developments underscore the dynamic discussions and actions shaping the global response to climate change at COP28.