Spotlight on Innovation - Sunpure at World Future Energy Summit

David Jhang
David Zhang
 Chief Technical Officer, Sunpure Technology


1. You recently exhibited at World Future Energy Summit; could you please tell us about your primary
reasons for being at the exhibition?

Our primary reasons for exhibiting at the WFES were to showcase our cutting-edge intelligent PV cleaning robots to increase our brand visibility, strengthen our presence in the MENA market, network with industry leaders and potential clients, and explore collaboration opportunities.

SUnpure booth 1


2. Were there any particular announcements or exciting meetings that took place during that week that you would like to share with us today?

Yes, one of the great achievements during the WFES was the official release of our latest white paper on the "Automated Robotic Cleaning System in the MENA Region – Challenges and Solutions."
This white paper outlines the key pain points of PV cleaning in the MENA region. It also provides a detailed summary of ARCS solutions, core advantages, practical experiences, and the testing methods and standards essential for the efficient and reliable deployment of robots in power plants.
3. Using this platform to connect with the industry, what would you like to let our network know about your organization?
SUNPURE is a high-tech innovative company specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of renewable energy intelligent robots. The product line covers PV railed, trackless cleaning robots and intelligent shuttles, among others. Sunpure is committed to solving the installation, cleaning, O&M challenges of PV power plants, improving power generation efficiency, and reducing LCOE. Our products have been successfully delivered to 16 countries and regions, including China, India, the Middle East, South America and more, with total capacity of 15 GW.
About Sunpure
As a high-tech innovative enterprise, specializing in R&D, Manufacturing, Sales and Service of Intelligent PV Cleaning Robots, Sunpure Technology is committed to provide a standardized, professional and intelligent cleaning solution for solar power plants. Sunpure is dedicated to continuous technology innovation with over 3 million dollars being invested in R&D each year. Our R&D team is equipped with a group of professionals comprising of industry experts and research doctorates who have developed patented IOT based Automatic Robotic Cleaning System (ARCS) for PV module cleaning. Sunpure is the first in the industry to implement the life cycle management strategy for the robotic cleaning products. The products have been certified by global certification bodies such as TüV, CE, CGC, etc.