Spotlight on Duaa Kasida, Founder and General Manager at Kasida Engineering Consultancy

Spotlight on Duaa Kasida, Founder and General Manager at Kasida Engineering Consultancy


Duaa Kasida, the founder of Kasida Solar Engineering Consultancy, graduated as a renewables engineer in 2014. Overcoming challenges in war-torn Syria, she pursued a master's degree in renewables. With experience in industrial electricity and solar energy, she co-founded Alnasser Solar Pump Trading in UAE in 2019, focusing on MENA region projects, notably in Yemen. Despite hurdles for women in the technical realm, Duaa and her colleague Ola Dahi established Kasida Engineering in 2022 to provide a supportive environment for both men and women in the industry.


Please describe your role at Kasida Engineering Consultancy as well as your industry expertise.

My main goal at our startup company is to focus on our technical solutions and designs to make sure that they are up to date with the latest trends in the solar energy market, delivering the best, latest, and cost-efficient tailored renewable solutions to our clients. as well as building relations and forming collaborations with the top companies in the industry, besides exploring expanding opportunities in neighboring countries.

What motivated Kasida Engineering Consultancy to invest in the MENA's solar industry?

The MENA region's suitable climate and location service it well to be one of the most promising areas in the world for renewable energy, Kasida Engineering is located in the “United Arab Emirates” a country that is shifting to clean energy offering support and encouraging policies to companies and enthusiastic professionals, which created a motivated environment for us to become an influential entity and effectively make a change in the region and its neighboring despite the young age of the company.

Can you tell us about what sets you apart from other competitors?

We believe that what sets us apart from other competitors is being a female-led company that offers new and unique kinds of comprehensive consultancy services in the regional market. Besides being located in the UAE, which provides us with a global centrality, and as we were born and raised in the Middle East, we had the opportunity to establish effective communication with the local communities that we work with.

What's a recent milestone Kasida Engineering Consultancy has achieved that you would like to share with us?

Kasida Engineering Consultancy's latest milestones were completing the entire process of designing, consulting, testing, and commissioning a 20 MW solar PV-diesel hybrid system in just six months. As well as Expanding our network and collaborating with many of the market leaders and professional organizations in the field of renewable energy, including joining Mesia And gaining 200 new contacts in the industry. We are in the preparation stage of solar training courses that we are planning to hold in collaboration with several organizations in the region.

What are your expectations for the MENA region in terms of growth and new opportunities for Kasida Engineering Consultancy?

Government support in the MENA region has been increasing drastically in the past few years, with ambitious plans towards shifting to renewables which created huge investment opportunities for investors and companies motivated to reduce their carbon footprint from all around the world.
the United Arab Emirates for example plans to increase the share of clean energy in the energy mix to 30% by 2030 and Saudi Arabia's next goal is set at 58.7 GW of renewable by 2030. Kasida Engineering sees a great opportunity in the growing attention towards the region as we will continue the process of the development of our service, expanding and growing our expertise.

How do you see the effects of the increasing adoption of solar energy on the MENA's economy in the coming years?

Relying on green energy sources is beneficial in two ways. it helps in reducing emissions and safeguarding the environment. and it brings economic benefits to the MENA region, which is rich in sunlight. This is advantageous for both individuals and organizations financially as different types of solar stations can make energy cheaper. As we use more electricity instead of fossil fuels, there is a growing need for more energy generation. Investing in solar energy could be a significant boost to the MENA region's economy, according to a report by the Global Energy Monitor, the MENA region's renewable energy capacity has been experiencing an annual growth of 400% since 2022.

Open question, is there something you want to add?

As a startup in its early stages, we have many exciting steps ahead of us. We are interested in expanding our network, growing our team, and collaborating with others. We look forward to building new partnerships and meeting new people who share our vision, maintaining the steady steps we have taken, and continuing our successful journey.



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