Muhammad Abbasi

Muhammad Abbasi

Technical & Educational Development Specialist at KAUST

Beginning with a distinguished journey in renewable energy at King Saud University, focusing on Solar PV and Grid Integration research, this path has evolved into a remarkable career. A pivotal role at Nokia Saudi as a Solutions Architect in energy business development marked a significant milestone. This experience led to a key tenure at Saudi Electric Services Polytechnic (SESP), where the renewable energy training department was established and led.

Renowned for a commitment to education and mentorship, expertise in guiding trainees in both Small Scale PV and Utility Scale PV has been a cornerstone of this career. Beyond education, the role has expanded to providing strategic technical advisories on market trends, emerging technologies, and operational efficiencies, supported by a proven track record in mid-management roles.

Dedication to renewable energy is further demonstrated through forging strategic partnerships with government bodies and academic institutions, driving collaborations that advance the renewable energy narrative.

Bringing a wealth of experience in research, training, technical advisories, and strategic growth to the jury, there's an unwavering commitment to championing renewable energy's pivotal role in shaping a sustainable and greener future.