Shenzhen Cubenergy Co., Ltd.
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Component Manufacturer
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Corporate Members

Shenzhen Cubenergy Technology Co., Ltd(“Cubenergy”) is a leading energy technology company specialized on manufacturing of C&I Energy Storage Systems and standardized Battery Strings with LFP(LiFePO4) batteries. Founded in October 2014, till end of 2019, Cubenergy had supplied a total capacity of 268MWh ESS around the world.

As an active ESS player in MENA market, only in 2020 first half, Cubenergy has supplied 12MWh ESS for microgrid systems and PV plus storage systems in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Oman.

With a strong R&D team and best understanding of ESS, especially on ESS organic integration with renewable generation in microgrid systems, we will contribute to MENA solar industry, with our advanced, reliable, and cost-efficient ESS & Battery String products, standardized or custom-made with our unique solutions.