Bawan Engineering Industries Company
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Bawan Holding

Bawan Holding Co. is one of the leading publicly listed industrial groups in Saudi Arabia and was formed by the amalgamation of Abdulkader Al Muhaidib & Sons General Trading  Company  L.L.C  (1934)  and  Abdullatif  &  Mohammad  Al  Fozan  CO. (1959), two giants in the field of trading & manufacturing of building materials and industrial investment in Saudi Arabia.

Founded in  1400  AH  (1980  AD)  in  Riyadh,  KSA,  Bawan  had  a  vision  to contribute to the development of the energy and building sectors and deliver the highest standards of quality products. It provides an integrated, state-of-the-art range of electrical and consulting solutions to address the needs of customers in Saudi Arabia, GCC region and regional markets.

Bawan Holding consists of 5 sectors of which Bawan Engineering Industries Sector which consists of several companies operating in:

  • The Manufacturing of Distribution Transformers (UTEC) which is a joint venture company between “Bawan” and “Wilson Transformers”, a leadingmanufacturer  of  transformers  in Australia.
  • The Manufacturing of Low, Medium & High Voltage Substations, Switchgears & Load Panels (USSG)
  • Renewable Energy Co-Development
  • Energy Services (ESCO)